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Eco-Chic Holidays: The New Experience for the Luxury Traveler

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Eco-friendly tourism is no longer a niche, it has become a movement, and eco-travelers are no longer satisfied with only using refillable amenities (but we do this too!). With a larger understanding of the need to reduce our carbon footprint, luxe-loving travelers are seeking ways to make more eco and sustainable travels without sacrificing quality. While many hotels label themselves as ‘eco-friendly’, our beach villas and luxury vacation homes are going the extra mile.

At Zorba Collective, we strive to care for our environment and be good stewards of the land, as well as take care of our people. We do this because it is the right thing to do and it is respectful of where we live.

Visitors can relax knowing their stay will have a limited environmental impact on our precious ecosystems while still providing comfort and ease.

Our boutique villa properties were constructed around the existing trees; instead of cutting down trees we worked around them or moved them ever so slightly. The one tree that needed to be removed (a non-native species) was repurposed into a lengthy table that sits on the beach by the sea at Zorba, inviting guests to dine outdoors beneath the stars. Other recycled wood was included in the villas as accent pieces, and many of the wooden lighting fixtures found in the homes were made from locally recovered wood.

The doors at the resort are upcycled colonial doors from Merida, and the tiles are handmade in the same city. Our walls and ceilings are decorated with recycled glass bottles that refract and spread out the natural light. We have implemented efficient water and energy conservation measures, like using ceiling fans to cool the villas during the daytime, air conditioning only when necessary, and using LED lights. We also have an imported septic system to treat wastewater properly so we can use it to nourish our tropical gardens and water our onsite palms and trees.

Interior of private Zorba Tulum villa on the beach in Tulum, Mexico

At Zorba Collective, we do our best to reduce plastic and other waste, in an effort to protect the stunning environment we call home. Our shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, made with sacred Mayan honey, are organic and biodegradable and offered in refillable containers to minimize waste. We provide purified water in refillable glass bottles and replenish the fresh water in the kitchen and bathrooms every day. We opt for glass and ceramic dishes in our onsite taco and breakfast bars, instead of single-use containers. These practices help us live in harmony with nature.

We continue to look for eco-friendly and creative new ways to be kind to our planet. Limiting our night-time lighting along the sea during the leatherback turtle’s nesting season provides a welcoming environment for the turtles to nest. We don't use permanent loungers on the beach so furnishings can be easily moved aside leaving the beach in a natural state during the turtles' nesting season. Guests might even catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures visiting us between May and November!

Chef preparing guacamole and fish tacos on the beach at Zorba Villas in Tulum, Mexico.

We not only care about the physical environment of our properties, but we also take into consideration the wellness of our team. Respect and fairness are at the heart of our business and this extends to our staff with fair wages and a positive work environment. For us creating a happy, respectful, and good vibes team is important and it reflects in the feeling on the property and the experience of our guests. Guests often remark on the genuine kindness and care of our staff.

At Zorba and Mahayana, we are always looking to give our guests the most genuine and authentic experience while visiting Tulum. Let us know what you have in mind, and we will help to accommodate your wishes!

For availability or assistance please contact us at

Can't wait to have you stay with us at our private luxury beachfront villas in Tulum, Mexico.

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